Yes, you can.

You can use spigots which are especially customised to fit the cable channels and which you can then drill into. See image below.

Each Qik-Link tile is 25cm x 25cm, although we supply Qik-Link in pre-built 1m x 1m tiles, you can effectively build any tile without the need for cuts, in 25cm increments. IE 25cm x 25xm, 50xm x 50cm, 75cm x 75cm and 100cm x 100cm. The platform would be 3cm height.

Qik-Link weighs under 10kg/m2 meaning it is easy to transport

No. Qik-Link tiles can be clicked into place by hand. Cable Channel Covers can be removed and fixed by hand.

Qik-Link will perform indefinitely if installed in accordance with manufacturer instructions and providing it is not subjected to loading or environmental conditions outside the written specifications. For all long-term lease deals we offer a lifetime guarantee on Qik-Link. For purchases of Qik-Link we offer a 12 month guarantee.

If you call 01438 500073 we will be able to answer any questions that you may have regarding installation.

Yes, please contact us with your exact requirements

We supply a range of tape, depending on what floor covering you choose for your platform. Please contact us for further details.

Yes, you can. Qik-Link has been tested up to 6.7KN on 0.01m2 (point load). Qik-Link will also take fork lifts, cars and boats.

Yes, of course. Qik-Link is designed to be installed easily and quickly without any specialist flooring knowledge and without the need for any tools.

Yes, you can. Qik-Link is waterproof and easily cleanable; the main issue for outdoor installation will be stability on soft and/or uneven ground.  Qik-Link will adapt to undulating surfaces. For use outdoors we would carry out a site survey to access it’s suitability which would depend on the surface and also the nature of the event.

Qik-Link has been specifically designed as a contour-following system. If the sub-surface is level enough for the event then Qik-Link will be suitable, but otherwise an adjustable-height system will be required.

This is no problem at all. Due to Qik-Link’s unique cable management system, access to cables is gained from above the floor. Simply lift the floor covering (if using a vinyl tile this is especially easy as you simply lift the appropriate tile covering the area that access is required) and access is gained – no need to take up a section of the platform or even the entire platform.  Access to the required cables can be gained in a matter of minutes.

Absolutely! Qik-Link is in use in Exhibition and Conference venues around the world. Even a thin exhibition grade carpet can be put down on a Qik-Link platform. Even with a low grade floor covering the Qik-Link platform is safe to be walked on by wearers of high heels.

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Qik-Link, the dynamic modular interlocking flooring tile solution

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